Crystal Ridge Kennels
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Pet Day Care and Extended Stay Boarding
We also sell farm fresh eggs
Chicken: $2.50/Doz.  Duck: $3.50/Doz.
A wide range of animal services

Sometimes you need someone to care as much as you 

Below is a list of the services we offer:

$15-70 depending on size and condition.

River Walk
A doggy favorite! We take your fur-baby to the nearby Betsie River for a 30-45 minute romp in the water. As always, any excursion outside the kennel is on-leash

$15 each, or 2 dogs for $25

Dry Bath
"Dry" Bath/De-Shed groom using special shedding brush and an all natural spray

​$15 each

Pet Taxi
Pick-up or drop-off of your pet at your convenience. Rates based on IRS going rate for mileage

Nail Clipping
Dogs or Cats, $7.50 each. Additional charges may apply for a "difficult" pet

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